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Our Journey

With its roots deeply embedded in the historic pink city, Jaipur, ‘Mohari’ takes pride in putting together and preserving the traditional Indian art of ‘Hand Block Printing’. The word ‘Mohari’ finds its origin in the Hindi word ‘Mohar’ which means stamp, and refers to the art of printing small hand-sized stamps on paper, fabric, cloth, etc. Like our products, our locations is also exotic and we stay put near a small village on Jaipur-Delhi Highway, away from the complexities of the city.

Our Mohari family consists of ‘hand block printers’, ‘block makers’, ‘Dyers’, ‘Tailors’, ‘Hand Stitching Artists’, and more. There was a need to not only empower the artisans but also the women of this region, and this led us to also provide employment, free education social awareness, and job training to both men and women associated with us. Since a stable employment is required for stability and growth, majority of our process is handmade which helps to generate regular employment for these people.

All kind of workers are associated with our ‘Mohari’ family, from skilled artisans, who have inherited the skills from their forefathers, to those who got trained with us for the job of their liking. Even with mere two-three initial workers, we have made sure their constant growth. Mohari’s motive behind training these people for this work is to preserve and spread this art called “slow fashion”.

In this journey our goal is to not just preserve traditional Indian ‘hand block’ printing art, but to also to empower more skilled women, work on environmental sustainability, and also humanity through our products.

We give complete credit, of our success, to our family of dedicated and skilled artisans. For us, thing as “slow fashion”, “ethical” or “old art” are not just a trade but a fountainhead to showcase the hardship of skilled artisans, add humanity, and move closer to earthly things through our products.

Our Work
We initially started with printing fabrics, and now make a complete range of handcrafted clothing and home furnishing. From traditional to modern motifs and designs, you will find a wide range of prints and patterns in our collection. Our ethical ways of doing international trade is to create a product that can be worn everyone, from babies to adults, and hence our colours and chemicals are non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals.

This is what we sell under our label
We are wholesale exporters but as a personal choice, are also working on ways to support and work together with hand woven and natural fabric makers through our retail selling outlets. We are head over heels in love with traditional hand woven pattern and weaving of our handloom fabrics. We have cotton, silk, cashmere, wool, etc. as a part of our collection. The only thing you will not find in our retail shops are nylon, modal, rayon, polyester or any synthetic fabrics.

Work with us!
In wholesale you can order both existing designs and custom designs. We invite designers to work with us for our label. We collaborate with stores, shops, stockists and people who want to resale our labelled products. Write us at [email protected] or give us a call at +91 8963893523 if you wish to buy wholesale or stock our products in your store!

The Process

The most interesting fact about block printing is that it looks beautiful in both perfect and non-perfect formations. On one hand, the irregularities and the flaws give an impression of a handcrafted art, and on the other it looks immensely beautiful when printed with immense perfection by a skilled artisan.

It all begins with making the wooden stamp(s) or wooden block(s). Our blocks are made up of various Indian woods like ‘Rosewood’ or sheesham, ‘Mango wood’, ‘Teak wood’, etc. This is the most intricate process of block printing. Wood blocks are made in number of pieces depending on how many colors are there in one design. Each color block should fit into other blocks and this is what makes it a job of a well-trained individual.

Our process of block printing begins by making a paste called “binder” ,in big quantity, by mixing different non-toxic azo free chemicals. A very important team member “Color-Master” can make various shades of color. He is trained to create any shade of color with reference of a ‘colour-card’ or ‘swatches’ of cotton threads or fabrics. Even while creating a  color for a sample printing, it is created in minimum quantity of 3 litre or 100 ounces to fill printing-tray. Once the color is ready it will be filled in tray with different types of fabric pieces lying on the top of tray. Before starting printing a swatch will be printed to check color and printing.

Our stitching staff, mostly, consists of women with beautiful smiles and dreams. They may not be experienced for mass production but are surely well trained for perfection in stitching. Once the fabric is printed and ironed, the “master” will then cut patterns of it and it will further get stitched by these group of women workers. And Voila! Your product is then ready once checked for quality purpose.

Remember that each block printed product that you buy adds on honor to Indian block printers’ community for their hard work and craftsmanship. Enrol for our “Free classes” if you want to scrutinize art of hand block printing under guidance of skilled artisans. Write us here to know more about it.

Mukund Bagh,
Delhi – Jaipur Highway,
Jaipur – 302028

+91 8963893523

[email protected]

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