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Finally the summers are here! Despite of being a creature of this hot and humid sea of dessert, Rajasthan, we enjoy our utmost love for food and travelling. There is a saying that you can see all the moods of weather in a day in Jaipur. This changing weather brings out globetrotters and foodie people on the streets. We love window shopping a lot and we do it like almost every evening. Shabby buildings, hand painted windows, large entrances in each market, etc. will make you fall in love with this royal city. Rajasthan is a living history of India where you find the most number of historic places and storytellers whose depiction will make you live in history.

Mohari family is also busy in welcoming summers. A slow sound of traditional song that plays in the background in the workshop makes workers work with joy. Printing includes a lot of involvement of water in work and hence working in summer with water is easier for workers. Also one more reason why printing in summer is more useful is that sun is the source of getting fastness naturally. The more fabric will dry in sun, the more colors will get brightness and fastness. Women who are doing kantha in our workshop can now work on the roof or any other open area. They say working energy is more in early morning and hence almost everyone reaches workshop by 9 am in summer. May the number of these beautiful people and their laughter keep growing in Mohari family! Happy summers! 🙂


Hand Block Print Fabric


From silk to organic cotton and accessories to bed linen; everything is available on streets of Jaipur. Hand block print fabric or Indian woodblock print fabric is one of the things Jaipur is famous for. A hand printed cotton fabric contains hard work of those artisans who have been practicing their skills from years. Artisans’ families have their grand grandfather to son doing the same job and hand over their art to their kids and brothers down the generation to generation.

Every state which is doing hand block printing has its own style and technique. Like sanganer block printing can be recognized by its vibrant colors and fine motif prints. Whereas Bagru textiles has  bold lines in motifs and limited color option but natural dye printing in bagru is famous for its traditional hand block printing with natural or vegetable color dyes.

India is also known for variety of cotton fabrics available here. 100% cotton, voile, cambric, certified organic cotton, silk cotton, cotton rayon and many more cotton blends fabrics are used in hand block printing technique. Cotton jersey, silk and muslin are the varieties widely used in making hand block printed baby clothes.  You can shop thousands of varieties of cotton and other fabrics along with different type of laces and other accessories too in Bazaar of Jaipur.

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